Experts in vaginal rejuvenation


In our health and beauty centre located in Barcelona we count with a couple of treatments focused on treating the women’s intimate area: vaginal whitening and vaginal rejuvenation. To make it more affordable, we apply a 10% discount on the final price of both treatments.

Rejuvenation of the intimate area

Over the years, women lose lubrication in their intimate area that leads to dryness, generating great discomfort and even pain. To treat this problem, we apply a treatment for vaginal rejuvenation in Barcelona with hyaluronic acid. This substance promotes the hydration both internally and externally and in the most complicated cases, we have a gynaecological surgery team to treat major and minor vaginal lips.

Experts in vaginal rejuvenation

Benefits of vaginal whitening

Over the years, due to the action of certain medications or changes in hormone levels, the skin of the vagina or the perivaginal area may darken. Many women come to our centre in Barcelona to fulfil a vaginal whitening treatment. We use cutting-edge laser technology to whiten the area thus achieving a better-looking skin in perpetuity.